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That's right, I got dibs on this lizard booty when this wimpy kid summoned me. Dude was flipping his wig over some skate competition. I could see that he was a total newb that would make nothing but sketchy moves. But I couldn't believe I was being summoned for something like that, y'know? And the little flake didn't even bring me a sacrifice. Don't kids read Lovecraft these days?
~ Zsar Magoth explaining how he was summoned to Earth.

Zsar Magoth, also known as SCP-2014, is a minor old god and Euclid-class SCP under the SCP Foundation's containment. He is an extradimensional entity currently in the body of a gecko who speaks like a stereotypical skateboarder due to his affinity for skateboarding.


According to the Foundation, Zsar Magoth was responsible for the formation of multiple cults which, at his instruction, performed acts of murder, theft and indecent exposure in order to summon him. Upon being summoned he would take possession of a host and do the bidding of his summoner. At this time he was very weak and planned to destroy humanity once he matured and reached full power.

This all changed in 1998, when a teenager summoned him in order to ask him for help with a skateboarding tournament. Taking possession of the teenager's pet gecko, Zsar Magoth was at first annoyed that he had been summoned for such a mundane reason, especially as his summoner didn't even give him a sacrifice. Upon learning what skateboarding was however, Zsar Magoth not only changed his mind, but was so impressed by the sport that he decided not to destroy humanity.

During the tournament the teenager placed Zsar Magoth in his pocket so he could use his telekinesis to have him perform physically impossible stunts. This came to the attention of the Foundation who interrogated the teenager, discovered the truth and removed Zsar Magoth to Site-27. During an interview Zsar Magoth revealed that he had a wife and child and expressed his desire not to return to them, which would occur if his present body was destroyed.

Zsar Magoth is currently still contained at Site-27, looked after in the same way a pet gecko would be looked after. As his good behaviour persists, he is allowed to use his skateboard for recreational purposes. Despite posing little threat, Zsar Magoth is classified as Euclid rather than Safe due to his nature as a god and is kept under constant surveillance; however it is unlikely that he will attempt to breach containment.


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