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Zsasha is a villainous Raposa who is in the first Drawn to Life game.


Though he is only a mere thief, he always finds a way to avoid detection while he does his job. He became a part of the story when he was rescued by the hero in the first level of the second world. When he was rescued, he told the hero "My name is Zsasha... do not tell anyone you saved me!" When the hero got through the level, the hero had rescued two other Raposa. The mayor of the town you named will see only these two Raposa and not Zsasha. Zsasha will appear after you draw the night sky for the village. During this time there is no moon drawn yet, thus giving Zsasha an opprotunity to steal three items: cutlery from a Raposa known as Chef Cookie's kitchen, Banya seeds (I think these may be bananas...) from a farmer Raposa known as Farmer Brown, and a flower that was colored in by you from a Raposa (who is one of the main characters of this game) known as Jowee. After you recover the moon template page for the book of life, there is a cutscene where Zsasha returns two of the items he stole back to their owners. These are the cutlery and the Banya seeds. He does however give the flower back, but when he does he actually gives it back to Jowee which he never did when he gave back the cutlery and the seeds. You find out at the end of the story when you defeat Wilfre that he was raising one of the Raposa you rescued on the same level as him. This is a little Rapogirl.

The Next Chapter (Wii version)

Here he doesn't have as big a role as he did in the original although he didn't really have that big a roll in that one anyways. He does have to be rescued and in the same exact terrain you rescued him in the first game which is a forest but this time he isn't in a cage although he was still being held captive. He is suspected of stealing a lot of things in the village but when the player finds his mask the Raposa who was traveling with you named Jowee mentioned that he never takes off his mask which then makes the other Raposas in the village think that he might not be to blame for all the thefts. After he is rescued he will ask the player to help him expand his "collection" which consists of random knicknacks such as a lava lamp or a bubblegum ring.

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