Zu-Gooma-Gu, codenamed Unidentified Life Form #3 and B2, is a member of the Gurongi Zu Group and an antagonist in Kamen Rider Kuuga.


Kamen Rider Kuuga

Gooma was among the first Gurongi to appear in Nagano. He preyed on five humans in a single night and later murdered the preacher Father Jose so he could use his Church as a base of operations. He later fought Kuuga but their fight was interrupted by the headlights of a police car. After Ichijo uncovered Gooma's identity, Yuusuke fought the Gurongi in the church as it caught on fire.

Despite gaining the advantage with Zu-Gumun-Ba's aid, Gooma was forced to flee at the come of dawn. He was later removed from the game due to the Zu Group losing their right to participate. However, he managed to enter back into the game by serving under Ra-Baruba-De. He later found a piece of N-Daguva-Zeba's body and used it to evolve himself to a form that made him immune to sunlight and assume his Strengthened Form.

However, the transformation also had the side affect of heightening Gooma's blood-lust, causing him to attack Baruba to make her give up Daguva's location, planning to kill Daguva so he can obtain all his power. However, he is soon forced to retreat when Go-Gadoru-Ba attacks and overwhelms him.

Eventually, the final stages of Gooma's evolution take effect, enabling him to assume his Ultimate Form. With his newfound power, Gooma goes on a killing spree in Chiba to slaughter as many people as he could before Daguva comes for him. However, Kuuga quickly arrives and engages him in his Titan Form while Ichijo uses a device to disrupt Gooma's via sound waves.

Gooma manages to destroy the device, giving him the upper hand against Kuuga until Daguva finally arrives. Gooma attempts to attack Daguva, but is brutally killed by the Gurongi leader. His dead body was later discovered by Yuusuke and Ichijo and taken in for medical analysis. The analysis of his body later lad to the creation of the Nerve-Breaking Bullets.

Movie War 2010

Gooma was part of a group of Kaijin led by Colonel Zol who witnessed the reconstruction of the Super Crisis Fortress. He later fought Kamen Rider Decade until Kamen Rider Diend finishes him with his Final Attack Ride in an exchange finisher.

Kamen Rider Fourze

Along with Zu-Zain-Da and Me-Badjisu-Ba, Gooma was seen fighting Kuuga in new video footage that Tomoko Nozama found on the internet, along with other clips of past Kamen Riders, who were known today as urban legends.

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