Zu-Zana is a minor antagonist in the Doctor Who episode "Bad Wolf". She was an android hosting the 2.001st century version of "What Not to Wear" at the Game Station at satellite five.


Zu-Zana along with Trine-E was android hosts for the 2,001st version of "What Not to Wear" in the Game Station at satellite five.

When they find Captain Jack Harkness in their game room of "What Not to Wear", They acted friendly toward him and used a Defabricator to rid of the clothes that Jack was wearing so they can dress him up in some different clothes.

She replace her right hand with pair of scissors and her left hand with a saw preparing to Captain Jack Harkness. After they were done trying different clothes, They used the Defabricator to rip of the clothes he was wearing and leaving him naked, Zu-Zana and Trine-E then reveal their true colors to Captain Jack Harkness as they attempt to kill him.

However, even though Captain Jack Harkness was naked, Jack somehow have a compact laser deluxe hidden somewhere, The androids wonder where he was finding it, Jack repel "You really don't want to know" and then used the weapon to blasted Zu-Zana's head along with Trine-E.

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