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Zuang Lun Wang is the Kingpin and managing director of the Shai-Gen located inside his skyscrapper office known as "Corridor Tower", and one of three major antagonists of Crackdown.


Zuang Lun Wang is Pacific City's most important yet mysterious occupant. The CEO of Shai-Gen was rarely seen or heard. His abilities are limitless though, and there is speculation that typically regards his possession of the dark arts to serve his phenomenal success and to empower his deadly Kiao-Lung henchmen.

While venture is fast, facts about this figure are nearly non-existent. Solely now that Wang is ready to engage with the Agency do we know the location of his lair: the skyscraper which was one of the headquarters of Shai-Gen in the Corridor's main square. It is highly recommanded for an agent at level 4 to kill Wang and his men due to their strenght.

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