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Zycho (Murder Party)

Zycho is the ruthless enforcer for the Alexander in the 2007 cult horror black comedy film, Murder Party. Zycho plays the straight man and acts as a foil to the artists' goofiness, adding a dimension of genuine intimidation to the crew.

Zycho appears to love what he does, being a drug dealer and a hired thug, and he is one of the biggest threats to the hapless protagonist Chris Hawley's safety and ability to escape with his life in the frightening plot orchestrated by Alexander to kill him in the name of art. Zycho had no reservations whatever about using lethal force, and is one of the most sadistic people to attend the party.

Zycho does not much care for the company of the artists or Chris, all of whom he considers boring and idiotic. Still, he is willing to make the best of his night. He would rather do just about anything other than work at his parent's perogi restaurant. Zycho is played by Bill Tangradi, also known for his work in the Twilight series.

Villainous Acts

Zycho is a tried and true sociopath, glad to do the bidding of Alexander. Completely unknown to the artists, Alexander has commissioned Zycho to kill all of them. Sky was already dead before he arrived, but he was able to kill an extra person in her stead. His acts of viciousness include:

  1. Forcing Paul to strip at gunpoint, because he was wearing a better vampire costume than Alexander.
  2. Stealing the money from Chris's wallet, before handing the wallet to Alexander to identify Chris
  3. Mocked Chris for smelling like vinegar.
  4. Chasing Chris down with a fire axe given to him by Macon, and attempting to maim him with it.
  5. Distributing drugs to the artists and Alexander.
  6. Injecting Lexi with sodium amytal in her hip against her will, after she stated clearly that she wouldn't do injectable drugs.
  7. Using the "n" word to describe black people. The artists are revolted by his racism, most notably Lexi and Bill.
  8. Plotting to murder Chris Hawley, with the artists and Alexander.
  9. Plotting to murder all of the artists after Chris, so that he and Alexander could prophet from the stolen art work.
  10. Shooting Paul in the head twice, killing him.
  11. Shooting the innocent (albeit clueless) photo assistant that Paul had called in to help him set up.
  12. Planning to shoot Bill and Lexi. He is stopped by Lexi, who strangles him, allowing Macon, who was presumed dead, to sever his leg with a chainsaw. He does not survive this injury (obviously).
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