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~ The Zyclops' only response.

The Zyclops are the secondary antagonists of the 2022 Disney/Pixar animated film, Lightyear. The Zyclops are an army of robots who serve Zurg in his attempt to travel back in time, get the hyper speed crystal, and destroy the Galactic Alliance.

They are voiced by Angus MacLane.


The Zyclops serve as the robotic minions that follow Emperor Zurg during his time travels throughout the galaxy. The first Zyclop appears stealing Buzz's ship and bringing it to Zurg. It is then seen again trying to take Buzz to Zurg while the Galactic Alliance try to save him. Eventually, it was defeated which enraged Zurg to find and capture Buzz himself; on the way the rest of the Zyclops were obediently watching him.

Later on the rest of the Zyclops are sent to capture Buzz as the crew were on an unnamed planet, leading to an epic chase. While the chase was going, Moe and Darby were fighting them.


  • The name Zyclops is a parody on the word Cyclops, a one-eyed giant from Greek mythology. Also like the cyclops, Zyclops have one red glowing eye.
    • Their cyclops-like style is similar to the various mecha of the Principality of Zeon such as Zaku in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise.
  • While none of them are named, one of the Zyclopes is somewhat distinctive as it becomes increasingly damaged throughout the movie (in particular, it loses one of its arms early on), but keeps reviving itself. It’s also stranded and can’t return to the main ship. It is also the last one to be destroyed, by Burnside’s forces as they arrest Buzz.
  • They each have two detachable objects roughly where their nipples would be. These are actually teleport beacons that can teleport a Zyclops back to the main ship if it damaged. If it loses these, it becomes stranded. They can also be used to teleport other people or objects to the ship instead.


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