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Friends? Zyglak don’t have friends... just meals they haven’t eaten yet.
~ Vezon on the Zyglak in "Federation of Fear"
"Although they were allowed to live in the Matoran universe, they had no role to play, no place to call home, and no reason for being. Over time, they grew bitter and hostile and became a danger to all who lived.
~ Teridax on the Zyglak

The Zyglak race is an amphibious non-Rahi reptilian race accidentally created by the Great Beings.


As the Great Beings wanted to create intelligent mask-like creatures called Krana, but some of the material has been exposed to the Energized Protodermis, creating the Zyglak in the process. Shunned, they retreated to the darkest recesses of the Matoran Universe, loathing the Matoran and all others who honor Mata Nui. The First Toa of Psionics, Orde, was assigned to calm the Zyglak down but didn't have the patience to work with them and only made the species as a whole angrier.

Powers and Abilities

  • Scaly skin that causes an organic Protodermis-destroying disease by touch.
  • Intelligence needed to create a social structure, as well as utilizing weapons. In addition, they are able to speak Matoran but have created their own language.
  • Immunity to the effects of elemental weapons and the Pit Mutagen
  • Enhanced strength that is stronger than a Toa's.


  • Even though they were created by the Great Beings, they are not able to be resurrected on the Red Star.


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