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Zyklon was a supernatural villain from Marvel comics, the empowered spirit of the real-world Heinrich Himmler he was risen from the dead as an agent of Satannish alongside several other historical villains and granted demonic powers based on what he was famous for in life: namely the execution-chambers, making him in many ways a walking gas-chamber.

He was part of the Lethal Legion (somewhat ironically fighting next to Coldsteel, despite them being bitter enemies in real-life) and fought against the Avengers West Coast before being defeated and was returned to his place in Mephisto's hell dimension.


In Life

(see Heinrich Himmler's page for information on his crimes in the Marvel universe)


after death Himmler's soul was sent to Satannish's hell where he would remain until the demon masterminded the creation of a society known as the Lethal Legion, allowing him to return to Earth even more powerful than before but now serving Sattanish as an enforcer.


  • His name is a reference to Zyklon B - a gas used by the Nazis to kill millions during the, very real, Holocaust.
  • Himmler's supreme commander in life (Hitler) was shown to also be in Hell, though it is unknown if it was Satannish's realm or that of Mephisto.
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